6 Best Apple Watch apps 2022

Thirstic: Smart Water Tracker

Water Reminder is the one Apple Watch app that everyone should have, and it’s also the finest Apple Watch app in general. You track the quantity of liquid you consume on your wrist as you drink water or other beverages throughout the day. On begin, you must first download Water Reminder to your iPhone or Apple Watch. After that, you’ll be asked to customise your options. You may either sync your age, weight, and height information with Apple Health or manually enter that information into the app.

Nike Run Club

The Nike+ variant of the Apple Watch includes a unique face that highlights the Nike Run Club app. The free app tracks distance, pace, splits, heart rate, and other metrics. It also includes free audio-guided runs, personalised coaching programmes to help you reach your objectives, and a social component that allows you to cheer on your friends.


Tempo: Run & Walk Fitness Log

Tempo is a popular running and walking app because of its intelligence analysis and seamless Apple Watch connection. Any fitness monitoring app that records data to Apple’s Health app can feed data into the app, which can subsequently be analysed. Tempo calculations may also be added to several Apple Watch faces so you can track your progress. Tempo is a subscription-based fitness monitoring software, but unlike many others, it doesn’t have a bewildering array of features.

Watch to 5K

Keep track of your running and health with the Watch to 5K app. It’s for complete novices who wish to train for a 5K over the course of nine weeks. It gives you information like your distance walked, average pace, calories burned, and heart rate. Apple’s Health app stores all of the information, and you may record your journey to analyse later.



Time to Walk

At the time of writing, Dolly Parton, Draymond Green, Shawn Mendes, and Uzo Aduba of Orange Is the New Black are the first four guests. New episodes will be released every Monday through the end of April 2021, and if you have a Fitness Plus subscription, they will be downloaded immediately.


Strava’s Apple Watch app will appeal to runners and bikers who use the programme. Because the Apple Watch has built-in GPS, you can track miles without having to carry your phone. You may listen to music and make phone calls while on the path if you have a cellular version. It keeps track of your runs, bike rides, and swims and shows information such as heart rate, distance, and pace.


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