Best Android Games for 2022


Moncage is a puzzle game that takes place inside a mysterious cube. Each face has its own distinct scene, which can be manipulated and zoomed in.

In Moncage, finding objects that visually connect is very important. For instance, if you find a road, completing it will allow you to explore its various sections.

This game is not to be rushed. It can be difficult to get stuck, and there are built-in hints to help you along the way. However, even with these features, it’s still hard to feel like a genius once you finally get it done.

Table Top Racing: World Tour

In Table Top Racing: World Tour, you guide tiny cars through various circuits made from household objects. Races are incredibly competitive, and you’ll have to fend off crazed opponents using unsportsmanlike strategies and tricks.

Although there are upgrades available for your vehicle, World Tour doesn’t feature in-game currency. Instead, it’s up to you to improve your skills and take home checkered flags.

This game is a breath of fresh air for the arcade racing genre, as it doesn’t rely on fancy controls or complex strategies.

GRID Autosport

GRID Autosport is a racing game that’s also a challenge to Android gamers, who complain that they never get premium titles. This is a full-on ad-free AAA hit, which is transferred intact to your phone.

Even on consoles and PCs, GRID Autosport was impressive. Five years later, it’s still regarded as one of the best racing games around. It features over a hundred circuits and a huge variety of cars.

This game is a simulation, so it won’t go easy on you. However, with the help of driving aids, you can master the finer points of racing on Android.


The Repulze is a future version of the race car that uses hovercraft to propel itself along a track. Instead of being driven around in circles, the courses have been replaced with roller-coasters.

The game has three phases. The first is time trials, where you must pass through colored gates, while the second one involves playing against AI opponents.

The game is set in a sci-fi world, but it’s really about speed. At first, it might seem like an ordinary racing game, but once you master the controls, it will become an intense experience.

Rush Rally 3

Rush Rally 3 is a console-style rally racing game that brings the experience of driving a car to Android. It features a variety of gameplay modes, including single rally and multiplayer.

The game manages to look good even if the racing isn’t up to much. It features a great variety of viewpoints and visuals, and it lets players experience both sides of racing.

The controls are well-designed, and they allow players to customize their experience. They also have a variety of settings to accommodate different skill levels.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

If you’re looking for a good racing game on Android, then look no further than Need for Speed: Most Wanted. It’s a superb game, and it features some of the best tracks around.

You drive through a city that’s been painted gray and seedy, trying to win various events that will boost your reputation and ego.

The game looks pretty good on Android, and it features a high-quality soundtrack. Its controls are also superb, letting you drift easily and make everything feel closer to Outrun 2.

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