Best Android Navigation Apps of 2022

 Google Maps

With features like satellite imagery and 360 street view, Google Maps is the most popular free map application out there.

Google Maps is more than a navigation app. It also offers a variety of features that are designed to make the app more useful.

Badger Maps

Instead of relying on a single navigation app, this app is designed to work seamlessly with your preferred GPS tool.

With Badger Maps, you can easily manage all of your meetings and get to every location in the fastest time possible.

With Badger, you can easily manage all of your field sales tasks, from lead generation to follow-up reminders.


Similar to Google Maps, Waze is a mapping app that works seamlessly with car trips. It features a clean and minimal interface. Its advanced features include real-time traffic conditions and road closures.

Similar to Google Maps, the route planner in Waze does not allow for the unlimited stops to routes.


Like most GPS apps, it compares routes to find the best one. It also provides offline maps for more than a hundred countries, so you can rely on it even if you lose your connection. It’s also designed for urban areas, so it can provide real-time traffic and parking data before you start your trip.

If you’re a delivery driver, then this app will save you time and energy. It’s also fully offline.

Another key advantage of using is that it’s constantly updated by millions of users. This app is unbeatable for delivering services.

CoPilot GPS

With a traffic status bar for detailed updates and lane indicator arrows and highway signposts to change lanes in safety, this navigation app is a great choice for all driving routes.

What makes it especially good for delivery services is that on CoPilot GPS, you can customize routes based on your vehicle type (car, RV, or truck), taking road width or low clearance into account. You also get a choice of 3 routes and up to 52 stops and a great search feature for addresses and places

Although most basic navigation features are available for free, you’ll need to pay for premium features such as voice-guided offline navigation, route planning, traffic, and worldwide maps. The pricing varies based on features and vehicle type.

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