Best Apps for the Apple Pencil in 2022

Apple Notes

The Apple Pencil is supported by the iPad’s built-in Notes app. To expose the toolbar, tap the Pencil symbol at the bottom. You may now change to a pen or marker tip and choose whatever colour you desire. Simply draw over a portion of the note with it, and you may move it around.


Notability is a versatile note-taking tool aimed mostly towards students. You may draw with your Apple Pencil or type with the keyboard when you open a note. Thanks to the endless scrolling function, you may change the background to graph paper and write as much as you need. Notability also highlights page breaks, making it simple to save notes as PDFs or print them later.


AstroPad Standard

AstroPad Standard is a brand-new approach to connect iPad and Mac apps. Any Mac software may be mirrored on the tablet screen with the Apple Pencil. You can immediately sketch in Adobe Creative Suite, Pixelmator, and other programs. Even while utilizing Wi-Fi, the app explodes up to 60 frames per second. For an even better experience, it has precise palm rejection.


Goodnotes 5

Goodnotes 5 will cost you $7.99 upfront, but it’s well worth the price. The features in Goodnotes 5 that really stands out to me is its lasso-style OCR. Once encircled, it’s just a couple of taps to immediately get an OCR preview so you can edit it before saving the document.


Linea Sketch

Linea Sketch is a hybrid of a basic doodling app and more professional drawing software like Procreate. It comes with a limitless number of layers, transform tools, and automated ruler, grids, and other features. The grid tool provides you with backdrops for taking notes, sketching, and designing user interfaces. Create a fresh page and try all of the tools at least once after you’re familiar with the program.



You may collect and organise notes, ideas, and more from a variety of sources with an Apple Pencil. You may incorporate search results and highlights into the app’s unique visualisations to view the larger picture. The results may be shared with others by exporting them to PDF and other common formats. There are options for purchasing numerous devices or a cloud-based version that may be utilised on various devices.




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