Best Calorie Counter Apps of 2022


The top overall calorie monitoring app on the list is MyNetDiary. It has all of the diversity that everyone need, as well as a professional-verified food and diet library. Dark mode, ad-free basic version, diabetic version, built-in GPS workout tracker, barcode scanner, grocery shopping tools, dark mode, ad-free basic version



Fitbit and Withings activity trackers, as well as Google Fit and Samsung Health applications, are all compatible. Barcode scanning, calorie, macro, vegetable, and seafood monitoring, and meal planners are among the top features.



Every entry provided by users is carefully verified by Cronometer’s team. You can keep track of anything from calories and macros to cholesterol levels and vitamins. Cronometer’s premium edition adds more features including meal suggestions and timestamps on diary entries.


Lose It! 

Lose ItCalorie !’s Counter is a wonderful alternative if you want to focus on the quality of your meals rather than the amount. It calculates the carb, protein, and fat composition of typical foods so you can keep track of your macros. You may also define personalised macro objectives in the app, and the software will perform the math for you.



FatSecret’s Calorie Counter contains a barcode scanner for automated monitoring and utilises image recognition to help you track items from images. There’s a whole community of other members that help each other out on a regular basis with advice, support, and encouragement. The app informs you when you receive comments or new followers, and users exchange recipes and meal ideas, making it simple to get to know others.

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