Best Cartoon Yourself Apps in 2022

Cartoon Yourself

You may use the Cartoon Yourself software to transform any of your images into a cartoon version by taking pictures or importing them. It can also turn photographs into cartoon drawings and black-and-white cartoon representations. If desired, the photographs can be embellished with a choice of stickers before being saved and shared on any social networking platform.


Cartoon Sketch

With Cartoon Sketch, you can take a picture and convert it into a cartoon in a matter of seconds. The app’s directness and simplicity are its main selling points. It skips the frills, bells, and whistles in favour of getting to to the point. You may store and post the photos wherever you like.


My Cartoon

My Cartoon is an iOS app that transforms photographs into fantastic cartoon representations. You may create many cartoon versions of the same image, save them to the gallery, and even add captions to them. There are a variety of cartoon styles to choose from, including standard, classic, doodle, vivid, and antique paper cartoon effects. The choices for your animated self’s appearance are practically limitless.


My Sketch

You can turn any new or old photo into a drawing with the My Sketch app. Color, contrast, brightness, and frame may all be adjusted to add your own personal touch to 20 various sketch kinds. Then, using various social networking networks, you may share your lovely and realistic sketches with your pals.



With over a thousand distinct effects and filters, Painnt is one of the most popular apps of its kind. In terms of colour saturation, brightness, and transparency, the powerful picture editor gives you a lot of options. Painnt isn’t just another cartooning app. It is home to a community that offers its own artwork to the library for everyone to enjoy.


Clip2Comic & Caricature Make‪r

Clip2Comic & Caricature Maker is a free picture editing tool that creates cartoons from photographs and movies. You may use the app’s numerous capabilities to increase the quality of your photos. The software is currently only accessible for Apple devices. If you wish to use the programme for professional purposes, the premium edition is a good option.

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