Best Medical Apps For Doctors in 2022


This hospital app’s free edition is sufficient as a reliable medical reference tool. If you need assistance deciphering pharmaceutical alternatives or lab results, the premium version can definitely help. An in-app payment is required to gain access to premium information and features (such as illness information and lab guidance).



It’s one of the greatest medical applications for assisting emergency department paramedics and physicians in promptly diagnosing patients. As a great source of medical knowledge, this app is equally valuable to students, residents, interns, and nurses. It also has recordings of clinical procedures and examinations, as well as push alerts for medical news, new research, and other relevant information.


MedPage Today

This one-of-a-kind software for healthcare professionals allows users to select their speciality before customising the information they view. For example, if you are a gynaecologist, you will only receive news stories and studies relating to your specialisation, rather than, say, dermatology. Another benefit of this medical software is that it is completely free.



It’s one of the most user-friendly healthcare applications, with a large database of disorders, including oral and infectious diseases, as well as toxicity. Medical dictionaries and calculators are also included in the app for doctors. The app is not free, even though it is accessible for Android and iOS smartphones. There are numerous subscription options available.



Doximity is a popular multi-purpose software that lets you connect with other doctors and share HIPAA-compliant data. You may contact patients from your office phone without letting them see your cell phone number thanks to the mobile app. Doximity may also be used to compare salaries and take advantage of continuing education opportunities.

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