TikTok is extending the maximum video length to 10 minutes

The maximum video duration on TikTok has been increased from three minutes to ten minutes. Last July, the service increased the maximum video duration from 60 seconds to three minutes. Creators that specialize on cosmetics tutorials, cuisine, and other forms of content that may perform better in a longer-form format may benefit from the change. Given that TikTok is being used to spread disinformation about Ukraine, several people are concerned about the timing.

TikTok is now allowing users to post videos that are up to ten minutes long. Following a modification in July 2021, TikTok videos might now be up to 3 minutes long. When recording things like food demos, beauty lessons, or instructive content, the longer video duration will provide artists more time and freedom. With today’s news, TikTok will be a stronger rival to YouTube, which is expected to generate $28.8 billion in ad income in 2021. YouTube is focused on TV ad revenues as TikTok chases YouTube’s ad dollars. The Google-owned video platform recently revealed that during the week of the TV Upfronts in May, it will hold its annual Brandcast advertiser presentation.

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